Physics is the ultimate death warrant for the universe?.

Hey everybody


Time is an illusion:

Our naive perception of its flow doesn’t correspond to physical reality.

Even albert einstein’s relativistic space-time — an elastic manifold that contorts so that local times differ depending on one’s relative speed or proximity to a mass — is just an effective simplification.



Time travel is the concept of the wormhole in which you go backwards view you loop through something and you go back to another not just a different place in the universe but a different time in the universe so that may break some causality laws of the universe  so we are not sure how that works



Stephen hawking had proposed that it

May not be allowed

Because it breaks causality but it is

Just a conjecture we don’t have proof of


So wormholes would be the best way to

Travel back or forward in time



So my point here is, that even though,

As we’ll see today,

That even if time travel is most likely impossible

Due to our best understanding of physics,

Our best understanding has been wrong,


So this is another attempt at trying to get something

That gets us time travel to the past.

And the idea here is, are you have a very dense material

And if it’s rotating fast enough and the material is dense enough

This twists space-time in a way that travelling around in space

Should get you back in time.



If time travel’s real,

Forget about the paradoxes of killing one of your ancestors,

Either by accident or on purpose,

But what happens if you have objects or ideas

Without an origin that is essentially closed loops?

So this is very, very, very bizarre.

So one solution, by physicist david deutsch,

Is that – you’ve probably heard of the solution of parallel universes.

Oh, there are no paradoxes, you just make another timeline.

Another explanation is predestination:

If you try to assassinate hitler, your gun will always jam.

I think that’s a lousy explanation;

It’s not intellectually satisfying.

Then there’s a third explanation that’s not explored,

Very often not even in fiction, because it’s so bizarre.

And that is the idea that if you did try to create a paradox,

The universe becomes a möbius strip.

And you have two timelines existing simultaneously,

And so if you go back in time and kill your grandfather or your mother,

You become – you’re both dead and alive,

Like schrödinger’s cat – you’re 50% dead, 50% alive.



The biggest question arose with time travel is, if time travel is possible why haven’t we seen any time travellers yet


So i’m going to boldly declare that time travel’s not disproven

By a lack of tourists from the future.

And the reason is easy.

For example, a wormhole is a classic example of this –

You can’t, even if time travel is real,

You can’t go back before you made the machine.

So if i use a wormhole, for example, time travel,

The day that i punch the wormhole,

That’s the first day i can go back to, from the future to that day.

I can’t go back further than the past,

Then the moment i created the machine or phenomenon.

There are exceptions, of course.

What if there are naturally-occurring wormholes

That has been around since the beginning of time,

Things like that.

But in general, i’m not worried about the lack of tourists from the future,

Because it just means time travel hasn’t been invented yet.




Time is a river

It’s a river that can speed up and slow

Down so that time beats faster on the

Moon than it does on the earth

Timing out of space on a rocket ship be

Slower than time on the earth

A clock on jupiter be slower than

The clock on the earth and we measure it

That’s why we have the gps

And then we can even go one step beyond


The river of time can have whirlpools

Whirlpools in the river of time and can


Fork into two rivers and that allows us

To resolve the time travel paradoxes

When you go backwards in time and meet

Yourself as a child

And you kill yourself as a child

How can you survive as an adult when he

Just committed suicide in the past

This is the grandfather paradox how can

You still be alive if you killed your


Well there’s a way around it

And that is if the river of time forks

Into two rivers

And in one river abraham lincoln was

Assassinated at ford theatre he died

But if the river of time forks

And you jump the stream

And you’re now on this other river

You can save abraham lincoln from being

Assassinated at the ford theatre but

You’ve saved somebody else’s abraham

Lincoln a parallel abraham lincoln

Because the quantum theory allows for

Parallel universes

Now the quantum theory allows for

Parallel electrons

Electrons can be two

Places at the same time


The human brain is a time machine what does that brain do

It creates a model of yourself

In time

It is a time machine

It daydreams it imagines worlds that

Don’t exist

It just you daydreamed and got into the third level



Time travel is time travel possible well

As i mentioned einstein’s equations do

Allow for time travel but how stable are

That is when you enter the time

The machine will it blow up hawking thought

So hawking redid the calculation showed

That time travel is possible in

Einstein’s equations but and this is a

Huge but as soon as you enter the time

Machine it blows up

Well it blows up because again of

Quantum corrections

This quantum

Corrections did not speculate about them he

Speculated that they are infinite but

Maybe they’re finite in which case you

Can go backwards in time and visit

Yourself as a child

And then perhaps the greatest

Application of all

Is the fact that the universe is dying

Physics is the ultimate death warrant

For our universe