Technology allows for monitoring of environmental changes from kilometers away

Scientists have created a new tool that allows them to monitor the Earth in real time. This technology allows them to see changes in the environment from kilometers away, which is much further than before.

The tool is called an aerial sensor, and it can be flown on a small plane or drone. It uses a special camera to take pictures of the Earth and then sends the pictures to a computer. The computer then analyzes the pictures and can detect changes in things like water levels, vegetation, and even pollution.

This new technology is important because it allows scientists to see changes in the environment much faster than before. They can now detect problems, such as pollution or deforestation, sooner and take action to fix them. It also helps them understand how the Earth is changing over time and make predictions about the future.

This is a very big step forward in the field of environmental science and will help us to better understand and protect our planet.

In summary, Scientists have created a tool called aerial sensor which can be flown on planes or drones, it uses a special camera that can take pictures from kilometers away and sends it to a computer to analyse and detect changes in the environment. This technology will help scientists to detect problems such as pollution and deforestation faster and take action to fix them and also helps to understand how the earth is changing over time.