Our desires for progress often run counter to the beliefs we have as adults. Our dreams for the future have always included the success of the team we’re building with rather than just ourselves!

Oh, how we all dream of success! The moment when we stand tall on that pedestal, basking in the glory of our achievements, We imagine the people around us cheering us on and sharing in our joy. But sometimes, life has other plans. The exotic vacations we dreamed of as children are not always what we imagined. The friends we thought would be by our side forever begin to drift away. The relationships we cherish the most start to crumble before our very eyes. And those long, lazy dinners filled with endless gossip and laughter become nothing more than a distant memory. It’s a sad truth that sometimes the things we want the most are the very things that slip through our fingers.

Oh, how we are consumed by the relentless pursuit of greatness. We are so focused on striving for growth that we fail to see the truth before us. We are mere mortals with limited time on this earth, yet we turn a blind eye to this fact. It is a tragedy, really, that we are so blinded by our ambitions that we forget to cherish the precious moments we have.
Oh, how the cold creeps in, born from the false perception of priorities we cling to in the name of wisdom. It’s a bitter pill to swallow, realizing that our own misguided beliefs can lead us down a path of isolation and detachment. The chill of loneliness sets in as we realize that the things we thought were important were nothing but illusions. How many times have we sacrificed true connection for the sake of our own egos? The weight of regret settles in as we mourn the relationships we could have had if only we had seen the truth sooner.

It’s a sad reality that sometimes we become so distant from the people we care about that when they try to reach out, we just can’t bring ourselves to open up.
Oh, my dear friend, the chaos that once consumed your life was a venomous poison that seeped into your very being, eroding away at your self-worth and leaving behind a trail of regret. And now, as I share the heartbreaking news that you are no longer with us, the weight of sadness and sorrow bears down upon us all.

Oh, how we used to relish the thrill of the fight, feeling so alive and in control. But now, as I look back on those days, I can’t help but feel a deep sense of sadness. The way we manage our time, so different from the rest of society, has left us feeling isolated and disconnected. It’s as if we’re living in a world of our own, cut off from the very people we once fought to protect.
As time passes, the memories of your dear friends begin to slip away like sand through your fingers. The faces that once brought you so much joy now blur together, leaving you with a hollow ache in your heart. It’s as if a part of you is slowly disappearing, fading into the abyss of forgetfulness. You long to hold onto those precious moments, but they slip further and further away, leaving you with nothing but a bittersweet sadness.

Oh, how the regret seeps in like a bitter poison once reality sets in. The weight of death crushes our perspective, leaving us with nothing but remorse for the time we couldn’t spend with our loved ones or the chance to see them just one last time. Oh, how tragic it is when the very things we prioritize and work so hard for end up becoming the very things that strangle us. It’s as if we’re trapped, unable to escape the consequences of our own actions. And then, to make matters worse, we find ourselves making excuses to avoid the people who need us the most. It’s a heartbreaking realization that we’ve let down those we care about, and it’s a burden that weighs heavily on our souls.

Oh, my dear friend, the weight of regret is crushing. It gnaws at your soul, leaving you haunted by the memories of missed opportunities. The pain of not giving enough time to those you love is a constant ache that never fades. You find yourself reaching out to everyone, desperate to connect and make up for lost time. The fear of losing someone without having truly known them is a heavy burden to bear. Oh, how I wish I could turn back time and make things right.

As I sit here, memories flood my mind. The bitter arguments we had slowly melted away the icy wall between uswly melted away the icy wall between us. But now, all that remains is a cold emptiness. I can’t help but cry, knowing that I was in the wrong. Countless tears have been shed near your tombstone, and the thought of our once fruitful moments shakes my very belief in the world. How can I bear witness to the endless tantrums of life when my heart is so heavy with regret?
Oh, the pain that comes with the realization that someone you love is gone forever.

When you realize how many more wonderful moments you might have had with them if you’d only set your ego aside, it’s heartbreaking. When faced with such a catastrophe. Your self-respect becomes insignificant in the face of such a loss. Shame washes over you as you realize that you could have done more to adore that person while they were still with you, inevitably filling you with guilt and sorrow. It’s a regret that will haunt you forever. Knowing you could have done more.

 Oh, my dear friend, when someone dear to you dies, it might seem as if the world has turned upside down and reality has become too heavy to bear. It’s as if the very fabric of reality has been torn apart, leaving you to pick up the pieces of your shattered heart. The weight of grief is heavy, and it’s hard to find the strength to carry on. But in the midst of this darkness, you begin to realize how trivial your previous priorities were. The things that once seemed so important now pale in comparison to the love and connection you shared with the one who has passed. It’s a bitter realization but one that brings a sense of clarity amidst the chaos of loss.

Purport: When I was younger and would accompany my father to our shop, I made friends with a man several years my senior who worked as an electrician at a nearby store. I hadn’t seen him in a while because I’ve been so focused on schoolwork, but when I went back to the shop after a long absence, I was devastated to learn that he had passed away. The store he worked at is still open and functioning normally, but I will always be saddened by the thought that I never got to say goodbye to him in person.

Tribute to a good friend of mine to whom I never got the chance to say goodbye.