About Me

Meet Kavya, a young and enthusiastic individual with a passion for technology and a drive to explore the world of STEM. As a Junior Highschool Tech geek, Kavya dedicates an extraordinary amount of time to content creation, firmly believing in the principle of creating more than consuming.

With an unwavering commitment to staying updated on the latest tools, information, and tech ideas, Kavya’s love for computers and new technology shines through in every project undertaken. Hours are spent each day meticulously crafting visually stunning websites that captivate and inspire.

Driven by a deep-rooted desire to transform education, Kavya is an integral part of Skillymilli’s mission. The goal is to break free from traditional educational constraints and provide a learning environment that enhances and emphasizes skills. As a passionate Physics enthusiast, Kavya’s focus lies in the captivating realm of High Energy Physics, fueling aspirations for a career in this cutting-edge field.

Beyond technology, Kavya’s thirst for knowledge extends to psychology, delving into the depths of human behavioral instincts. This understanding of the masses allows for the creation of products that resonate with and benefit individuals on a profound level.

As an Internet Entrepreneur, Kavya’s primary focus revolves around leveraging the web and technology to simplify and improve people’s lives. Believing that the true value of the 21st century lies in the fusion of creativity and technology, Kavya consistently strives to connect these realms. Looking forward to the 22nd century, the vision extends to harnessing the power of blockchain to store and preserve these invaluable creations.

Kavya’s journey in the startup world began long before it became mainstream. The ability to stay tuned to the latest trends in research and technology keeps Kavya and the team ahead of the curve. This commitment to remaining on the cutting edge ensures that they not only stay updated with the market but also bring forth innovative solutions

Join Kavya on this exciting journey as they continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in technology, education, and human potential.

  • Age20
  • ResidenceINDIA
  • E-mail kavyavadhwa@gmail.com

What I Do

Independent Consultancy

I specialise in independent advisory services for nuclear reactor technology, climate change mitigation, and achieving net-zero emissions. Our expert team provides tailored guidance to organisations, governments, and businesses, helping them navigate complex challenges and embrace sustainable practices. Contact us to learn how we can support your journey towards a greener future.

Web Design

I have been designing Web since 2016, It all started with writing blogs the I got to know designing blogs are a better cup of tea for me, then creating a lot of content creation websites for different peoples and managing their website Then to have an E-commerce website and an interactive classroom website


Representation of a mass of people is a skill very few can master, coz when you are leading you to have to be very careful about separating your interests and the interests of the people you are representing, You need to be very diplomatic and a guy who thinks different Throughout my schooling I have emerged as a guy who represented the students in many areas, Leading the Orchestra as a musician and Leading the units of family businesses on my own, I have been leading the school fests by either getting group prepared with orchestra, leading the host pannel, leading the technicalities, and many times leading the group discussions


Exceptional writing skills that allow me to transform my ideas into writing that effectively communicates information to the appropriate audiences. Following the same measures help me to get a convincing pitch on any idea or project.


The best way to keep things managed is to keep them minimal, In the world of tech, management is the root of fame and chaos It is a discipline you have to bring to your team and manage the tasks I have been leading many things throughout my entrepreneurial journey and sometime lacking the spirit the managing power helps me to retain back the motivation and perform the specific tasks

Public Speaking

Throughout my school life, I was one of the most promising orators when it comes to any Debate, Hosting the Anual Fest, In the interschool competition, or any sort of group discussion, I was always found on stage I was also actively participating in regional functions to spread awareness, when it comes to a point where you need to represent a mass of people and diplomatically present the point of being a leader, I always grabbed the opportunities, and with the time the opportunities multiplied