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PM Gandhi, US President Eisenhower, and the Indian Nuclear Program!

As the world witnesses the growing embrace of the India-US relationship and their strategic partnership, particularly evident during the G20 meetings and the recent discussions between Prime Minister Modi and President Biden, it is worth reflecting on a significant incident from the past. This incident highlights the United States’ favourable disposition towards India’s scientific development…

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The Smiling Face Behind the Smiling Buddha – The Architect of India’s Non-Proliferation Treaty Decision

In the labyrinthine corridors of India’s scientific history, a name often obscured by the dazzling spotlight of more celebrated figures emerges as a true luminary: Dr. Homi Sethna. A brilliant mind whose contributions to India’s nuclear pursuits remain largely unexplored, Dr. Sethna was not only a physicist of great acumen but also the force that…

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The Ethical Quandary: The Progression of Artificial Intelligence towards Emotional Capabilities and Seductive Behaviors.

In the vast realm of technological advancements, few have captivated the world’s imagination quite like the remarkable evolution of artificial intelligence (AI). The remarkable potential of artificial intelligence (AI) has been demonstrated in a multitude of fields, from streamlining tedious tasks to revolutionizing medical diagnoses. Moreover, AI’s transformative capabilities have left an indelible mark across…

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Russia’s Plea to India: Stand Up and Save us from the FATF Blacklist!

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF), an organization known for its power to blacklist countries, is currently casting its dark shadow over Russia. In a desperate move, Russia has turned to India, pleading for support to avoid the impending disaster. However, India must carefully consider the consequences before extending a helping hand. The potential blacklisting of Russia by the FATF would have far-reaching implications for Indo-Russian trade, defense partnerships, and the delicate global order. It is a test of India’s mettle and its ability to protect its own interests while navigating the treacherous waters of international geopolitics. The time has come for India to take a firm stance and reject this audacious appeal, signaling its unwavering commitment to safeguarding its sovereignty and national security.