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I just got into the podcast making in 2022, released my 1st podcast on the January 1st and got a brilliant response.

Seriously this is the wonderful content you have chosen for the podcast. No doubt very few understands that social media is no less than a slow poison. You have decoratively compared it. The way you elaborated it is really good. Most important is the solution is hidden in its uses. If one wants to control he just need to understand the phenomena of social media uses. Hope that the new generation will understand it and use it wisely.
Mukesh Verma

Social media has emerged into a massive tsunami into our daily life, it is now a part of our daily chores,
Our day starts from scrolling news articles on the breakfast table till the end of the day scrolling reels, and other short clips to the bed
No doubt with the evolving times it made our lives convenient the from small talks to the multi-billion heavy transactions possibly social media is a boon from the era of internet
From dating to mating our lives are locked behind that HTTPS and end to end encryption
it is a superpower but always remember with great power comes great responsibility

The responsibility to channelize the technology of content consumption into the most creative stuff

But unline every other thing we are only aware of the positive potential of social media

Which is creating chaos,

When we scroll through the endless loop of short content over any social media we get pleasure
Which is often required in our busy life
And we often end this argument by, Quoting getting kick those thrills in 30 seconds isn’t bad

Let me get directly on the point why we all are gathered over here and I am here with the scientific facts and research reports by the professionals

When we interact with something that makes us enjoy that is due to secretion of Dopamine often termed as pleasure hormone,
Every time you feel thrilled, it is due to the secretion of dopamine

then you might be thinking whats bad in this
It’s good to feel good

Here comes the actual evilness of dopamine
Dopamine is so addictive by its nature
When you take drugs, when you smoke Cannabis it generally makes you high
Its because you get a thrill after smoking or injecting a compound your body secretes dopamine
And every time you feel an urge to get high again its because your brain is convincing you that you need to get high so you can get dopamine

But when we get the habit of enjoying content in 20 30 seconds when you juice your dopamine every 20 30 seconds it kills your attention span
Resulting in bad concentration
You become focusless
You can’t wait for 2 3 hours in a movie to get that end thrill your brain gets as weak as it needs dopamine every other second
Which causes depression, anxiety loneliness, self-harm, and even suicidal thoughts to the youth
As a spiritual person when I look at this thing from a yogic perspective it is degrading the way we live
Just like three doshas vat Pitt kaff, Our human body is comprised of 7 chakras
And the bottom most of them which is responsible for all of the creative stuff you are doing is the root chakra, the Muladhara chakra
Science believes that While having the excessive juicing of dopamine continuously this chakra get dis aligned which leads to the lack of creativity for us

You might be wondering why did I term social media as the slow cyanide let me tell you
for a lot of guys on the internet social media is a number game either in terms of followers, likes comments, or subscribers count
As watching stranger interact with your content is so tempting
I remember whenever we use to post anything over Instagram we use to refresh the feed every other second just to check who liked that post
And that leads to the sensation that I will procrastinate just to read random comments on my post
Isn’t that the evidence of short term focus or reduced attention span
Try to evaluate yourself that have you been able to sit and concentrate on a thing for hours without looking into your phones or laptop unnecessarily
The answer is quite simple that we all got stuck into the endless loop of social media by juicing our dopamine
And that won’t be wrong to tell that we are getting mad every other day due to social media addiction