Cascading through the advent of cutting-edge technology came the year 1952, the first synthesizer was invented, that was not less than a miracle that you have a ton of pieces to create music, and most importantly, it successfully marketed itself that you need not be Mozart to compose a fantastic melody, all you need to do to use the prefilled and have to contour pitch, scale an instrument of your purpose. The media houses marketed the rise of technology as the end of the slightest chance of capitalizing for musicians. Many believed the synthesizer would replace the musicians. Still, we know today that synthesizers haven’t taken the jobs of musicians but created n opportunity for you to make music from anywhere with just a digital keyboard easily. In the same way, we are projecting ourselves to the future with AI. The most prominent trait of human likelihood is they are attracted by creativity, which machines can’t possess, as creativity arises with madness, and machines are too perfect to be mad!

The reason for the madness is to create the flow of involuntary thoughts cascading in the human brain. The machine knows how to kill a thought, so for a machine to get an original insight to paint the depth of persistence of memory about melting clocks is next to impossible.

They are capable of a greater level of competence. Humans have been attempting to get to know each other and develop ideas for 6000 years, but despite all that time, they still don’t have a handle on the perfectly formed human psyche. The ultramodern supercomputer can calculate the trillionth decimal value of pi but can’t guess the rationality of the decision made by a human being.

Numerous instances exist; for instance, in the game of poker, an AI playing can be better when finding the suitable variation but lacks a lot when bluffing a poker face.

An AI-powered car can provide accessibility, to not worry about chauffeurs, but AI can’t predict the intentions of pedestrians. An AI money lender can easily cross-check the documents in a fraction of a second. However, making the call to lend or not to know about the hidden truth from observing the facial expressions linked to the biochemical patterns in the brain is next to impossible.

AI can address ideas excellently, but AI can never become Marx to bring revolution through wisdom and philosophy.

The capitalist society is structured in such a way that the capitalist capitalizes on human emotions and fear; a human worker serving in the inhumane conditions in the Maoist nation would put in extra time and effort as he knows if he couldn’t have something that set him apart, then he would be replaced by another enslaved worker with less payroll less than him. Still, in contrast, the machines are designed to perform tasks in a particular way; with the networking protocols, all the machines working in the exact domains will have the same set of an algorithm to work, and they would lack a lot behind when it comes to perfection on the verge of fear.