A quasi-creative individual to writing research and promotional articles for a Digital News Startup

Hello everyone, This is my tale, centered on the experience, I gained through my internship at Evepaper.

Never Settle and Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish are two quotes that I always recite in my head, 
A person who is interested in High Energy Physics, finding opportunities to work under an experienced Professor, and get around the scientific field and networks wanted to explore the field as early as possible.

I cold-emailed folks and chatted with some of the most innovative minds in the scientific world; things were going well until I revealed to them I was in class 12.

I saw the light of optimism fade as they told me, “No professors want to see a class 12 student aiding them in the lab, handling complicated HEP equipment.”
I kept searching through LinkedIn’s employment area for a research opportunity and came across an internship posting for Evepaper.
I applied thinking it was a scientific journal, was chosen for the interview, and was lucky enough to get it, but when I found out it was a digital news startup, I was astonished and jumped at the risky opportunity.
That proved to be a multi-bagger for me; I started the internship during my class 12th board exams, not bothering about the grades since I recognized an opportunity to learn and enhance my talents.

During the third week of my internship, I saw that I was doing better in the areas of copywriting, content writing, and strategy development.
I’ve been recording scientific podcasts, and my friends have always found them difficult to comprehend. I’ve always wanted to establish a website that delivers scientific news and a forum that provides insights into current findings in the most simple way possible. The talent for writing material that I learned from Evepaper, along with my web development abilities from the Lockdown, enabled me to place the wager and construct my website Bhoutiki.com.
Evepaper provided a stage to me to demonstrate my abilities in the fields of technology, design, poetry, discussion, and content production, and it always encouraged me to learn.