The biggest fraud of the 21st century isn’t the crypto or NFT market, but the motivation market, with cutting edge technologies, and freedom of speech, People made a business around it, It is now worth not less than a commodity and it works on the core principle of understanding human behavioral instinct and human psychology,

The human brain is a complex set of algorithms, where the information exchange takes place in the form of neural transmissions, and the action you perform through your muscles is navigated by the motor neurons, which convert your brain’s electrical impulses into muscular motion, To have a check and balance so that the motor neurons don’t dominate your actions, there comes your pituitary gland, a walnut-sized chemical secretion portion that releases your hormones, In sequence to understand the importance of hormone secretion have a glance at an example,

You are standing on a cliff, and suddenly you are struck with a random thought of jumping down, The neural transmission is so fast that it can eventually navigate your body to leap, but here come your hormones, Motor neurons only allow to cascade those signal that is well supported by your hormones, On the verge of falling from the cliff, you get the fear of death your hormones release, which conveys the message to your motor neurons to take a backfoot and be careful, rather than jumping from the cliff. To understand that with ease, think about when somebody asks you not to think of a white elephant, what your brain does at the first place is to think about the white elephant, it’s completely involuntary, even it’s been said not to think, your brain will look forward to exploring the domain because the idea is incepted in your head, to escape from life-hunting moves your hormonal flows should be the one getting hall of fame.

It won’t be nefarious, we say our actions are heavily dominated by the secretion of our hormones,

It won’t depend on whether you have enough energy or have eaten nutritional food, but if you aren’t thrilled enough, you’ll still feel lazy, Furthermore, it won’t depend if you are starving for days, you’ll still get the energy to run in case a dog is chasing you.

When you listen to a motivational speech or attend a show to hear the speaker, their rhetorical prowess triggers your brain to release dopamine, you get pleasure when you consume that motivation, and the task that you have thought to do is now commanded by the juicing of dopamine, so you would be bound to finish that when you finish that task, the sense of completion makes you happy, which is resulted again by the juicing of dopamine, and you feel motivated.

Now what’s the problem

Dopamine is cocaine, and you get addicted to it, all your smoking, intimate, and drinking pleasures is associated with it, and you know how addicted you become after consuming them, You don’t get addicted to the taste of a single-malt whiskey or a perfectly rolled joint, moreover, you get addicted to the trigger in dopamine caused by them.

When you are bound by external sources to secrete dopamine, your brain stops secreting it on its own, so every time you want to feel pleasured enough to perform a task, you have to watch a motivational clip, furthermore, your bars of getting motivated will be set up every time, you won’t feel motivated by watching the same clip again and again.

I usually find that my friends who say I’ll first watch a 20-minute clip before I start writing assignments are heavily addicted to it and surprisingly, they are unaware of their addiction.

We think of people providing free motivation, but nothing comes for free; if someone is offering their product for free, then you are paying for that from uncapitalized sources of transactions, you are paying through your attention, your time, and most importantly, your trust.