We all are brainfu¬Ęked, we are mental slaves who bow down to the capitalist world, all our actions we suppose to be ours, are incepted by the wealth creation companies who even control our gambling pleasures by controlling the stock market, all we know about the social media platforms are, they are a set of the algorithm, but we are oblivious that they are optimizing your food preferences by your Snapchat, your emotions and moods by Spotify, your lifestyle, family and friends by Facebook, what influences yours from Instagram, what knowledge you consume from YouTube, your schedule by the calendar as well as your level of intellectualism through Twitter.

The moment we realize we are steered by silicon chips in data centers are lives are on jolt, but we can’t revolt about it, as they have created an irreversible impact in our lives.
You can bitch about WhatsApp’s compromised privacy but can’t afford to remove it from your device.

Our oligarchs who we think of as our representatives are heavily dominated by wealthy groups, our law and policymaking don’t consider us to be in the first place but consider the adverse effects of those on capitalist banks before bringing an amendment, and functions accordingly to accentuate their loyalty.

The cryptic effect of social media is that, it controls are perspectives and lifestyles, we have a list of reasons why to go to Justin Bieber’s concert and to watch him performing live, and we are ready to pay a massive sum to find that pleasure for ourselves, but at the same, if we are said to, not bring our phones, we would certainly reject that deal, Nobody attends shows and concerts to see art, but they attend it to show others that, ‘See, I was in Bieber’s concert’, we upload content around the same to prove we were in the initial row when we meet a celebrity we admire, we un-hesitantly urge them for a photograph, rather then sharing insights and having an intellectual conversation.

All we know about social media is what the capital society wants us to know.