Since the Russian special operation in February 2022, the West has shifted its focus in a different direction. The West has consistently been a significant stakeholder, whether it involves urging India to provide input on Moscow or assisting Pakistan in enhancing its military aircraft.

India’s status as a reluctant partner in the eyes of the West has become increasingly apparent in recent geopolitical shifts. The establishment of AUKUS is a clear indication of the West’s desire to reduce its dependence on India. By arming Canberra, they hope to gain an advantageous position in the Indo-Pacific region. The recent nuclear submarine deal was also made with the intention of countering Beijing’s influence in the region, particularly with regard to Taiwan.

In several instances, Washington, DC, does not view India as an ally. The emergence of India as a soft power has caused discomfort for various Western think tanks. As the bell rings the melody of demographic dividends for India, New Delhi must exercise caution for India’s stance in global affairs.